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  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Workshop equipment

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We offer the following used machintools, machinery and workshop equipment:

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Here you can find used machines and factory equipment from the following areas:

Used machines for metal processing: Used clamping plates, straightening plates, marking plates, spotting plates, used construction machines, excavators, tandem rollers, floor cutters, vibratory plates, construction blasters, bridge saws, site tanks, vibratory rammers, double wing smoothing machines, single disc machines, pipe coils used machines for sheet metal processing, guillotine shears, notching machines, press brakes, swing bending machines used drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, bench drilling machines, gear drilling machines, Box column drilling machines, radial drilling machines used lathes, lathes, jaw chucks, lynettes, multifix holders and pockets used power tools, hand drills, screwdrivers, floor saws, circular hand saws, jigsaws used milling machines, universal milling machines, CNC milling machines, tool milling machines, holders for milling machines, spare parts for milling machines, Bosch boards used machines for pipe machining, pipe bending machines, mandrel bending machines, pipe benders, hydraulic or manual used presses, hydraulic presses, workshop presses, straightening presses for pipes, hand lever presses, workshop presses used saws, metal band saws, band saws vertical + horizontal, automatic band saws, circular saws, underfloor saws, long cut saws, hacksaws, automatic hacksaws, used grinding machines, double grinding jacks, belt grinders, tool grinding machines, knife grinding machines, flexible shafts, brush deburring machines used welding equipment, TIG, MIG-MAG, electrode, plasma cutting equipment, flame cutting machines, welding rotary tables used agricultural machines, sickle mowers, reel mowers, single-axle tractors, tillers, tractors, attachments, scarifiers used machines for woodworking, sliding table saws, band saws, thickness planers, drilling machines, milling machines used accessories for machine tools, machine tools, tool holders, clamping angles, cube tables, hydraulic power packs, machine vices, fixators, Sassex drilling knives, self-opening die heads, drilling and boring heads (Wohlhaupter), hydraulic clamping devices

Peter Jüttermann Werkzeug-Maschinen was founded in 1980 by master mechanical engineer Peter Jüttermann. We constantly offer a large number of used machines and tools ready for demonstration in stock. Use our large stock of used tools to your advantage: good tools at a low price!

Even if you are looking for tools for which many manufacturers have delivery times of weeks, we can often deliver immediately from stock. Whether it is a very large open-end wrench or a small module cutter. We have what you are looking for - ask us! Our range also includes tools that are no longer produced today, such as Sassex drill bits, or WMW die heads and dies. In addition to normal HSS drills, we can also supply extra-long HSS drills with Morse taper immediately and from stock, if it has to be done quickly, even from one day to the next. Our stock of reamers is also very extensive: hand reamers, machine reamers, slip-on reamers, rivet hole reamers, adjustable reamers, taper reamers, pin hole peeling reamers, Morse taper reamers. In the area of tool holders you will find some with Morse taper, MK1 to MK6, steep taper, SK40, SK45, SK50 in DIN 2080 or DIN 69871 and according to TGL standards.

If you do not find the desired machine in our offer, we will be glad to help you to find a suitable machine. We will gladly purchase your machine. If it concerns the purchase of machines, we are your best partner. Offer us your surplus machines!

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